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Life is Politically Religious Life is Politically Religious

Life is Politically Religious

1997 Mixed Medium 165 x 235 cm Soon after coming out of my 3 hour death experience I moved to Kingston – Hobart in Tasmania so as to maintain m...

Metatron Cube Metatron Cube

Metatron Cube

The Metatronic Cube – The second part of the Metatronic Love Vibration Trilogy is the Metatronic Cube (MC)  itself. A mighty powerful image tha...

Stripping up the band Stripping up the band

Stripping up the band

Striping Up the Band Oil on canvas    70 x 90 cm    2015 Original SOLD  –  quality giclee prints as above on canvas or paper various sizes avai...

Divine Mother Tara Joy Divine Mother Tara Joy

Divine Mother Tara Joy

Divine Mother Tara Joy – mixed acrylic on canvas  120 x 120 cm Moving into the third stage of the Metatronic Trilogy coming from the Kundalini ...

HealThy Self HealThy Self

HealThy Self

HealThy Self – Mixed  Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm. In stage one of the Metatronic Trilogy I have used the combined male and female bodies of...

Bob’s Pond Bob’s Pond

Bob's Pond

Bobs Pond Motupipi, Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand 2011 Oil on canvas 92 x 122 cm Bob’s Pond is part of an amazing chain of small lakes ...

HealThy Self HealThy Self

HealThy Self

2016 Mixed acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm The HealThy Self is the Divine Self. of which we are all partly/wholly of. If one can not initially see or ...

Worlds within our World Worlds within our World

Worlds within our World

Worlds within our World 2005 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm $10,000 With the “real world” of the Earth in the background, this painting de...

Sacred Aum Mandala Sacred Aum Mandala

Sacred Aum Mandala

2006 Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm Supreme Award Winner: Bay Art 2006 “Aum” (or “Om”) is the Pure Creative Consciousness. It...

Kundalini Kiss of Oneness Kundalini Kiss of Oneness

Kundalini Kiss of Oneness

  2006 Acrylic on canvas 76 x 102 cm This work adapts the Aboriginal dot painting technique of my native Australia. Created in honour of the 30th ann...

RushHour oil RushHour oil

RushHour oil

  RushHour oil Union Station, Los Angeles, California, USA 2008 Oil on canvas, framed 50 x 122 cm The scene is typical of any major city railway...

Passing Time Passing Time

Passing Time

1979 Oil on canvas 120 x 180 cm Available gicley print $850 A conversation with Gordon Wright in the early morning light of Cue, Western Australia, l...

My Love for Life and its constant changes and stories always motivates and drives my passion to create and explore something new.  I see Love Express to be the key to Life. Over the decades from the late 1970’s visual arts has been  my main forte  with plenty of interruptions in-between. To the point I switched brush to pen to write a Spiritual philosophical autobiography titled ” Artist Interrupted “. We are all artist .

Through all the genre’s and mediums  I have developed to become one of the most versatile painters. My Galleries display a full range that I hope will entertain, provoke and inspire you.

Without realising at the time there has been an unfolding development with my Spiritual work dating back from my pure Kundalini Awakening experience in 1976, to painting Passing Time, to my 1996 After Death Experience,along with 20+ NDE’s  then the Scared Aum Mandala, Freeing the Feminine, Grounding the Masculine  to the Kundalini Kiss of Oneness to create the Metatronic Trilogy inspired by daughter TaraJoy.

This in turn has now lead me, guided by Metatron, to produce a Photonic Quasicrystal 120 facet polyhedron ( disdyakis triacontahedyon) of Diamond Light in what will be  the NEW  Star of David for the Metaronic Cube to engulf the Earth along with the Crystalline 144 Grid ( 3 in one) This Star I shall name the “Star We Are”as IT represents our Divine Light in the cosmological / pyramid of the Divine Overself coming into conjunction with the human biopyramid in physical universes 3D. When the two pyramids of Light come together  the New Star universe of intelligence is born. Much of my 2016 focus will be with the facets of this Star We Are and a 3 metre sphere installation I started in 2009. Being fractal in the superluminal this is our immortal Lightbody !!!

Coming from my ADE I am weird (different) and returned with the Love & Wisdom to share I am NOT a preacher, or user to exploit in any way and as I have humbly  for 20 years will allow the Divine to shine and glow in IT’s own way , best way I’m guided to in our challenging times.

Music also has always been my great Love, where in 2007 I was the percussion part of the band called “Elastic Band” we were always stretching ourselves, to the point it has since broken up. Nonetheless,  the art of gardening and cooking has carried on, here I have a supplementary business “Nourishing Beauty – artistic landscaping, garden art and furniture along with organic fruit & vegetables and seeds & seedlings. You can refer to in the menu. It is based next to my fine arts NgAngA  RT Gallery in Collingwood, Golden Bay NZ.

The site has been created by my close friend the RayMan of Natural Portal.  The Galleries will show works from various genres , however if you would like to know more about each painting the write up of most works are given in the Catalogue. Excellent quality giclee prints of the above six images plus many more are available in either on canvas or conservation rice paper at various sizes to suit and  affordable prices , contact me for enquiries.

Combining all the above  – painting, writing, music, preparing food and gardening in the sun has given me the balance to be fit and health and happy with Life.

Love Light and Blessings