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N g A n g A  R T

Vision and Creativity in Harmony with Nature and Spirit

FEEL The LOVE in the Kin-ship

NgAngA RT has become an art form in itself as you will see from his current ” RAISING the LIVING ” Collection. Overall NgAngA RT is found within the Great Grand PA.MA. a Sacred Santuary. IT’s a Safe Heavenly Haven and IT’s M. A. D. – Making A Difference with Music Art Dance, Inspirational for Masters Acsending Divinely.

IT’s a place to Be! Free! Joyous in a LOVE Vibration with fellow Hearty Spirited Ones.

WE are a Private Foundation built on LOVE EXPRESS! period
Tyme Haz Kum 2023 - 120x150cm mixed Acrylic on Canvas. Prints available.
Passing Time
Passing Time 1979 - 120x150cm Oil on Canvas, Stolen in 1985

Tyme Haz Kum for US all to Awaken to Our Divine Consciousness Awareness – Enlightenment / CHRISThood in Oneness with True Parent GOD Creator of ALL – is – ALL, Harmoniously in Love Peacefully in a Heavenly State on Earth.

FEEL The LOVE in the Kin-ship

Our Kin-ship Crew will look after you/ye and take ye on a journey / adventure uplifting ye from the Satanic Titanic Society sinking ship. If ye are on board that with ticket (most are without realising) 

Our Kin-ship holds everlasting Friendships / BrotherlySisterHoodShips. ITs Spiritual. One may see IT as a MotherShip in the Air of AquariUS.”Love is in the Air” and has landed like Noah’s ARK of the Covenants NOW boarding to “RAISE the LIVING” Consciousness.

Nganga 358
Our Story

Meet NgAngA

Described as a co-creative visionary, Nganga is broadly diverse, specialising through the visual art of paintings. A lover of nature, music and beauty, and with a green finger in the gardens.

Born in Pinjarra, Western Australia on 17th Feb 1953. After a colourful and eventful childhood he stepped into Town Planning and Architecture with Visual Arts during the 1970’s.

Then opened the Kelsue Arts Centres in the 80’s. The “Artist Interrupted” in 2002 flew to the land of NewZeal and re-established his Arts from Golden Bay.

Recent Work

He has recently completed the 24 paintings for the Collection “RAISING the LIVING” on his 71st Born Day February 17th, 17/71  Prime Time.

To complement these visual pieces, he is compiling a 24-chapter book with Medicine Songs to for each painting to take the readers / viewers on a journey Raising Consciousness being one with Our Source of Being – Our Parent Creator GOD.

Self Portrait 2002 - 91x122cm Oil on Canvas Gift T&S
SELF Portrait 2002 359