Stripping up the band

stripeing up the band

Striping Up the Band

Oil on canvas    70 x 90 cm    2015

Original SOLD  –  quality giclee prints as above on canvas or paper various sizes available at NgangA  RT

This is the oil painting version I have just completed  from the pastel I produced several years ago that I gifted to the PANZ at their convention.

I paint through my subconscious, which is our memory bank and in doing so this unique scene that occurred when my dear friend Lethea and I arrived at the Oregon Country Fair in 2009. Has 400+ stalls seven stages and more. WoW!  For me it was an extra buzz of excitement greeted at the entrance by seven costumed  people on stilts then hearing a band of dancing music approaching to unveil this moving parade that danced by and through us.  I was hypnotised starring with amazement taking it all into my subconscious to recall at will. Lethea took a photo, for me, it is more a rolling video that played throughout the time I painted the pastel and oil.

I never focused on the faces that swung by thus the painting has most in mask form and you can discover them and create them as you explore the art. To the left I have placed both the magician and the wizards hat on the person who is conducting the parade as he introduces the woman in the red stripe legs who is about to do her solo dancing spin.

How ever you see the parade it is here to bring life, colour and happiness into your day.

EnJOY !!!

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