RushHour oil



RushHour oil

Union Station, Los Angeles, California, USA


Oil on canvas, framed 50 x 122 cm

The scene is typical of any major city railway station anywhere in the world at Rush Hour, the peak of the daily commute. Surely most of you have experienced such a scene at least once in your life – a blur of motion and colour, as you dance through the crowd, either with or against the flow.

This painting was inspired by the experience Lethea and I had at L.A.’s Union Station on our 2005 trip to the USA. We too were rushing to catch a train to Disneyland, when this wave of people came flooding towards us from various trains entering the city. I couldn’t connect with any of them; they appeared a blur both physically and mentally. So I stood tall with my hand raised and yelled “Stop Everyone!” and waved with a smile; everyone frantically scurried around me like ants.

The painting could also be viewed metaphorically as “The End of the Rat Race” – the rigid competitive structure of mainstream society – as we move forward with the flow of Community Spirit and become Human(e) BEings again. Seen that way, the figures in the painting represent the essential Spirit of Humanity, harmoniously interwoven in the shared enterprise of conscious evolution.

Original available for purchase NZ $10,000

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