Optimum Manfred

Optimum Manfred_6866155468_l


Pastel 48 x 64 cm

After becoming an accomplished classical musician, flautist, conductor and director of a music school in Austria, where Manfred was born and raised, he moved to Golden Bay, NZ, in 1982, changed his focus to Optimum Wellbeing through a holistic lifestyle, self sufficiency, permaculture and biodynamic farming and lots of healthy improvement modalities.

Manfred and Ana Raunigg along with their daughter, Maniana, are the first dear friends I connected with when I arrived in the Bay in 2002. Manfred is a member of both the bands Lethea and I play in and he also conducts the Bay’s community orchestra.

It was about 2002 that Manfred began establishing the Life Force products here in New Zealand. Soon after that, he and Ana commenced practicing Chi Gong, so this portrait shows Manfred emanating both Life Force and Chi Energy, embodying Optimum Well-Being, abundance, and harmony in all aspects of his life.

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