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Currently, as usual, I have several new works on the easel. However my main focus at present is creating  the  Metatronic Love Trilogy my first Firth Dimensional painting, purely to help my daughter Tara Joy to Heal herself from a brain tumor, she was operated on in Melbourne on 13th December 2015 where 70% was taken out with side effects (90% is only as good as 1%). Secondly the Trilogy is for ALL people past present & future right NOW!!!  I commenced the Trilogy at midnight of the 13th for 21 days into 2nd January when another 21 days were presented to complete  and give Healing. timing is everything during this period our two SUN’s( our White Sun we see every day and the Red Dwarf Sun ) returning for it’s 144hrs KISS after 36,666yrs of one orbit they aligned with several key planets to bring about change. I was right in the middle of that 144hour kiss. Because of that and the planets are still much aligned I shall launch the Divine Love of the Trilogy on Valentines Day at the MAD Skools Arts & Health Expo in Golden Bay at the High School since this is very educational bring in awareness-awakening.  google Red Dwarf Sun or Star for more info.

It was back in 2003 I dissolved my melanoma lymphoma  tumor in no time by mentally processing through resentment that I needed to go back to 1638 past life to do so.  Tara too can dissolve her tumor by processing it. IT does not belong to her,sad what was re programmed to her conscious mind, its sick alright, I understand hers fully, basically brainwashed in the 90’s, where I was right in the mix with no say. Been Passing Time since just like my painting contemplates. NOW!!! with this Trilogy   Tyme Haz Kum.

The Trilogy contains three 1.2 metre canvases  they are –   HealThy Self    –    Metatronic Cube  –   Divine Mother Tara Joy.


HealThy Self is almost complete just requires holographic iridescent and fluro  airbrushing to ignite and pulsate  the 5D effect.  It represents Humanity and Tara Joy  in a meditative pose with her 13 chakras being activated through a Kundalini awakening.  After the operation  in her current state  Healing Thy Self  to become the DIVINE  HealThy Self.

That will occur in the Metatronic Cube process of complete Balance & Harmony and alignment which it is. The MC is a New template for humanity.

Divine Mother Tara Joy contain the essence from all the 21 Tara’s of Buddhism  all the Celtic Tara princesses and the Native American Tarahumara Indian Tara’s north of Mexico, now extinct by the Spanish yet are the most advanced healers that walk the Earth.

Here is a few photos from the unfoldment to where it is today 18th.January with just the dot work –

IMG_0261 IMG_0302 IMG_0369 IMG_0346 IMG_0398

The Metatronic Cube image is most fascinating in IT is everywhere – in the DNA in pupils of all eyes (mammals, animals, birds, insects reptiles etc-yes in your own pupils) is also in the DNA of  all organic matter in the universe  The geometric  shape is the combination of the five platonic shapes derived from Plato  – TETRAHEDRON : activation, 4 faces  HEXAHEDRON : stabilisation, 6 faces  OCTAHEDRON : subtleness, 8 faces  ICOSAHEDRON : dispersion, 20 faces   DODECAHEDRON : balance,  12 faces .   On overlaying these five we get the Metatronic shape of the five in one.

Sacred Aum Mandala

Sacred Aum Mandala

Now going back to the Sri Yantra image of the Scared Aum Mandala I painted in 2006. It shows 5 female triangle from the top and 4 male from the bottom -out of balance, to lay it out perfectly I needed to close my eyes with white chalk in hand and allow it to form ,open eyes and there IT was as is.That shape has been around 36,666 years from the  last solar Kiss.Back then as the homa sapians where standing tall an ET invasion set up a Mass Agreed Dissonance up until now with humanity we have been MAD ever since another, that ‘s the main  reason why I was to open the MAD -Making A Difference Skool to set up this NEW template agreement through the Meta-tron which is unfolding here.

IMG_0342 IMG_0417 IMG_0349 IMG_0478IMG_0430  IMG_0566

I asked my Brotherly friend Glenn who was visiting and understand the Metatron well to actually be involved participating in doing some dots. He loved IT.  Simultaneously I am creating the Divine Mother Tara Joy. So lets have a look we I am with that –

IMG_0328 IMG_0413IMG_0426IMG_0465

Tara flippedMuch of Tara Joy’s healing with the brain tumor was done during the eitheric body painting as I used iridescent painting and fluro giving it the emanating Light. Once this Trilogy is complete you will be able to see and feel that there is more to an image – paint on canvas, Much healing will come from the three paintings to every viewer as they awaken awareness of who and what we really are, will be at the appropriate level  for each individual. Will explain more on this later. This photo of Tara puts her more into your picture and you’ll see how I shall develop her face into the Divine Mother TARA Joy canvas.  Like the virgin Mary story with baby Jesus Tara is giving birth here through her two Sons (Mason & Kai) to the NEW Humanity  the Divine US!!!.  We have seen the Indigo then Crystal and Rainbow children come through -NOW we can welcome the Divine children vibrating through pure unconditional Love on a 5th Dimensional level to take us into what will be known as Heaven on Earth. As I paint the New you can see the Divinity in the eitheric body  with its Copper Bronze bubble protection that I have shown around Tara Joy
Once I complete dotting in the body with metallics  I went about the face and birthing the Divine Human Baby here is it to the pastel sketching of  Tara’s face that is representing US all.

450 HS & TJ stage 2  IMG_0621 Divine Child stage 1

I am showing Tara under four different lightings then I will be working with holographic & fluro airbrushing

IMG_0618  IMG_0627   DSC_3564 light adj   IMG_0620  IMG_0624  I managed to complete the Trilogy in time for the MAD Skool’s  Love Vibration EXPO on Valentines Day 14th February.  Shown below on the stage, on the hour  12 1pm 2  3  I gave a 15 minute show and tell. The Divine Baby we are birthing in the New Humanity through the Metatron emanates Light being of the Light. Now as we go into March I just had another photo shoot with Murray this time who works very well and close with the marrying of black & white lights and working through layers to give the fluro glow while still mantaining the behind colours.  Then getting the photo ideal is one thing now I need to have the printing come up to speed. the blues are tricky. No comparison to our developed native eye. Will ad more once processed.

NoW!!! back with the Metatronic image it become very involved  as I work with fluro  since its two painting in one, what U see  in white light is very different in the purple -black light, fluro mostly dose not even show up in white light . yet it dose flatten the colour with the blue.  Here is what has been happening last week as I build layers – every night 11ish to 4-6am using black light.  spraying or dotting. not in best condition without a proper studio in gallery or kitchen. So now I have the fluro looking just fine yet flattening parts of the blue/greens   IT  GLOWS as if coloured light bulbs are in the canvas something to fully appreciate in life  cos cameras can not capture the fluro glow as good.

IMG_7082     IMG_7077

Here are  a few shots using various light effects.Once I manage the fully balance of colours and bring out the 13 circles and all the dotted lines of the Star the Healing magic will occur to any viewer  since the DNA in all eye pupils is of this image, may it be birds fish mammals animals and insects, IT is also in all organic matter in the universe, YES IT’s the Spirit in ALL. Spirit in the Christ the Spirit in YOU all the same. IT’s DIVINE!!! and are U not?

DSC02726    3548 mix 3559 bl metatron  3546 mix 2

DSC_3547 I have lights that regulate between red/blue    green/blue  yellow/blue and red/white, as the fuse from one to another various tones and shades of colour can be seen it makes the image move pulsate will get that on video soon to show U as if U are here in studio/gallery -well on 12-2-16 I’ll have a preview show & tell prior the the Valentines LOVE VIBRATION Expo  launch.


Lets not forget the third part of the Metatronic LOVE Trilogy which is the HealThy Self that portrays humanity in its 36,,666 years coma  of amnesia. Here we are having a pure Kundalini Experience – Spiritual  Awakening of the rainbow serpent within US. Much to what I had on 10th December 1076 at 10.13pm. Thus I was able to clearly paint this. Back 36,666 ( know all my past lives right back to the very beginning not just in 3D but all dimensions.) I was known as Windajarra, I never drank the poisoned water like most I stayed consciously& Spiritually  connected, ascended  then descended many time forward, even to this life time on 5-5-14. and re born to Collingwood & Beyond.   The HealThy Self is our Divine Self if U don’t see that then its Heal Thy Self.  Consequently  Health is our Greatest Wealth.

3516 fluro  3521 blue  3519 magenta

3523 yellow mix  3525 green  3526 red

This image is the clear full white light showing as U would see in the gallery setting or out in sunlight. Yet the above are all part of the singling tingling bliss that occurs during the Kundalini awakening. to become the  HealThy Self.

Dot Paintings

Dot Paintings


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