Nikau Coastline – Te Hapu

Nikau Coastline - Te Hapu Golden Bay_7184644040_l

Oil on Canvas 60 x 90 cm

Available price $850

The Nikau palms are a great feature of the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island, in particular along the all inspiring coastline at Te Hapu in Golden Bay. Here, high up among the Hapu Bluffs, I have utilised artistic licence to mentally transplant a few Nikaus from the area into a more suitable composition while still making the scene appear totally natural. They stand majestically, gently swaying in the breeze, showing off their splendid colour in the warm glow from the late afternoon sun. I clearly see all the colours in the rainbow within the Nikau.

To portray the true character of this rough rocky coastline against the background of a long sea-swell, I needed to be reasonably broad and impressionistic in my approach, creating depth and texture with both brush and palette knife.

While this painting was inspired by a landscape accessible only to visitors to Te Hapu, similar scenes can be seen in many locations along New Zealand’s magical coastlines on both islands.

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