Pastel 42 x 42 cm

On deciding to produce a pastel series of musicians that play in the bands Lethea and I do Huckleberry was a must. Particular since we were part of his second CD release recently, titled Walking Away, all his wonderful original compositions. This image is based on his CD cover image which had him without clothes leaving mainstream society behind. While producing this painting I continually played his live CD release recording, feeling ever so much inside Huckleberry throughout the painting process, connecting to his essence.

I was going to have Huckleberry either playing his guitar or his concertina, however this pose with the close reclining guitar captures him well.

Huckleberry is one with Nature shares and teaches permaculture workshops, grows in organic boidynamics using his green fingers. A great lover of trees, which extends out in his wooden sculptures and home building and carpentry.

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