HealThy Self


HealThy Self – Mixed  Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm.

In stage one of the Metatronic Trilogy I have used the combined male and female bodies of my daughter Tara and myself and more of an idigenious form  set in a mediative yogo posture to awake.  It is representing humanity being in a 36,666 year coma in amnesia forgetting who and what we really are and only using 10% of our brain and limiting our minds.

It was during the production of this Trilogy that out two Suns – our daily White Sun and our visiting Red Dwarf realign in its 36,666 year orbit that occured between 18 – 23rd December 2015 (144hrs)  So yes timing is everything.

Here I am showing humanity having a pure Kundalini Experience (awakening) through the 13 (7) chakras. I was Krishna that said to his disciples – “For humanity to evolve into the next level of consciousness we need a Kundalini awakening.” having that in 1976 I fully agree.

Now in this awakening we – humanity re align in perfect Balance and Harmony in the Metatronic Cube  to be the Healed Self to become the HealThy Self our Divine Self.

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