Gurrumul – Singing the Serpent

Gurrumul - Singing the Serpent_7163254398_l

2012 acrylic 59 x 82 cm

At the 2012 New Zealand WOMAD festival (World of Music, Arts and Dance) in New Plymouth, the legendary Australian Aboriginal singer/songwriter Geoffry Gurrumul Yunupingu and his band took us all on an amazing spiritual journey with his song “Djarimirri,” the Rainbow Child of the Rainbow Serpent Wititj, also known as the Wagyl or Waugal (pronounced “woggle”).

This is the inspirational image that appeared in my mind’s eye as the music flowed over and through me: the Wagyl rising from Gurrumul’s heart, intertwining in and out of the WOMAD worldly symbol just as indigenous music from all around the world weaves through these great festivals. The aboriginal dots, my adaptation of the indigenous painting technique from my native Australia, represent the essence and power/mana of the music as it vibrates outward from all the artists on stage, blessing all beings it touches.

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