Divine Mother Tara Joy


Divine Mother Tara Joy – mixed acrylic on canvas  120 x 120 cm

Moving into the third stage of the Metatronic Trilogy coming from the Kundalini Awakening to HealThy Self to  ReBalance Harmoniously and ReAlign to the Metatronic Cube essence of Divinity  we now  Tune Into Tara’s JOY.

Tara Joy  as well as being my Divine Daughter also represents YOU in your Divinity  as a King & Queen – Empress & Emperor –  Godly Goddess. Our true identity where no one is above or below US. Equality. Its from here we can come to realise we are the writer, director, producer, main actor and cast of our life and have a unlimited budget to create the Life we prefer. To live Joyfully in  a Heavenly life on Earth and give birth to Divine children.

Divine Mother Tara Joy contain the essence from all the 21 Tara’s of Buddhism  all the Celtic Tara princesses and the Native American Tarahumara Indians, Tara’s north of Mexico,a most advanced healers.

Here in the painting we see the healing powers coming from the Indian Peacok turquoise  colouring in the etheric body and in the halo.

IMG_0328 IMG_0413IMG_0426IMG_0465

Tara flippedMuch of Tara Joy’s healing with the brain tumor was done during the eitheric body painting as I used iridescent painting and fluro giving it the emanating Light. Once this Trilogy is complete you will be able to see and feel that there is more to an image – paint on canvas, Much healing will come from the three paintings to every viewer as they awaken awareness of who and what we really are, will be at the appropriate level  for each individual. Will explain more on this later. This photo of Tara puts her more into your picture and you’ll see how I shall develop her face into the Divine Mother TARA Joy canvas.  Like the virgin Mary story with baby Jesus Tara is giving birth here through her two Sons (Mason & Kai) to the NEW Humanity  the Divine US!!!.  We have seen the Indigo then Crystal and Rainbow children come through -NOW we can welcome the Divine children vibrating through pure unconditional Love on a 5th Dimensional level to take us into what will be known as Heaven on Earth. As I paint the New you can see the Divinity in the eitheric body  with its Copper Bronze bubble protection that I have shown around Tara Joy
Once I complete dotting in the body with metallics  I went about the face and birthing the Divine Human Baby here is it to the pastel sketching of  Tara’s face that is representing US all.

Here is looking at the painting under different colour lighting. better in video where the colours fuse into one another.

IMG_0618  IMG_0627   DSC_3564 light adj   IMG_0620  IMG_0624  I



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