Bob’s Pond

Bob's Pond_7044490987_l

Bobs Pond

Motupipi, Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand


Oil on canvas 92 x 122 cm

Bob’s Pond is part of an amazing chain of small lakes created by my dear friend Bob Butts in Golden Bay. Like Claude Monet, Bob is a true artist, working with elements of Nature. Bob’s canvas is his entire property, where he uses a digger as his paintbrush.

The ponds are connected to the Motupipi Estuary in Golden Bay. With the Clifton hills as a backdrop, the scene is set. I studied it over twelve months, during all seasons, at various times in the day, before deciding on the painting’s mood, composition and layout. Many ducks and swans have made this their home. Bob and Joan’s new home, masterfully built, is also nested amongst the reflections. This painting now graces the wall in their home, bringing the outside in.

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