Birthing Ourtopia

Birthing Ourtopia_6870130500_l


Acrylic on canvas, with papier-mache’ frame 140 x 120 cm

On the other side of the Black hole into which mainstream society is rapidly subsiding, lies infinite potential for humanity to co-create a new and wonderful society, in partnership with our Mother Earth.

With the mainstream collapse well underway, it’s “out with the old and in with the new.” We now have the opportunity to participate in the Birthing of Ourtopia – not U-topia (which literally means “no place”) – but a realistic, possible Heaven on Earth. With Ourtopia, we can return full circle to the original Garden which ancient myths describe, a time humanity’s Fall into domination of the Earth, Nature, and each other.

Multiple layers of images and meanings frame this birth/rebirth. the outer petals of the Peace Rose are also the Cosmic Yoni through which all life emerges, purified by the Magdalene Flame which symbolises the reemergence of the Divine Feminine. in partnership with the newly reborn, life nurturing Divine Masculine, this new balance fosters human societies based on all the Divine aspects of Life: Love,

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