Zion River Walk – Zion N.P Utah

Zion River Walk - Zion NP Utah_7208608930_l


Oil on canvas 46 x 56 cm

In 2009 Lethea and I visited several magnificent national parks in the USA, including Zion in Utah, shown here. This seemingly simple-to-wade, shallow river eventually makes its way into a narrow gorge where sudden weather changes can make equally sudden and dangerous changes in water levels and currents. The cool water was refreshing in the 100+ degree Fahrenheit heat, but having tired and blistered feet after a long hike in nearby Bryce Canyon the day before, we only waded about half a kilometre up the river before turning back. The late afternoon sun changed the colours of the rocks as we walked. Anyone who’s visited Zion and started up the the river toward the gorge will recognise this scene — except it’s usually more crowded!

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