21 TaraKoha

2014  acrylic metallic on canvas  38 x 76 cm

Available price $500

This next ‘IndiGeniUS’ dot painting is of the area where I lived for the last four years, Tarakohe over seeing the Port and Bay. I only used metallic gold dust little silver and flat matt black with two white dots. On the physical plane it simply shows the coastline, Port Tarakohe with its light be-can including the Abel Tasman Road in silver. But on the Spiritual plane if offers much more.

I have named this work TaraKoha, after the 21 Buddhist Tara’s combined along with my daughter Tara Joy. Then the Koha for giving and receiving, token of gratitude and appreciation. The Gold and Black dots are the rays of Light from the Crystal City that exists out in the Bay where these dots meet. In the core of the Heart of Golden Bay that you see on that painting. From my deck and up behind I could see the glow of the City vibrating out once I drifted offff into a semi trance. The City is of the Fifth Dimension, very Loving and active. Sooner be there than anywhere else in the Bay with such Heartfelt beings living harmoniously.

Now if you you look at the two arms of the port reaching out the upper headland is a female head and then turning the painting upside down you will see the other headland to be a males head. Both are giving reverence to the City offering a Light token (the Ports light be-can)

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