Stirling Inspiration

Stirling Inspiration_7044527003_l

Stirling Ranges, Western Australia


Oil on canvas 55 x 76 cm

Well into this, my fifth painting, I had a life-changing experience which I learned years later was a pure Kundalini event. Whilst dabbing oil paint on the canvas with a palette knife to create a wattle tree, a tingling sensation ran up my right arm. As I watched in dismay to see my hand, out of my control, gracefully place yellow paint in a clear patch. I then gathered vermillion red on the knife, only to see it involuntarily blended with the yellow, forming a triangle shape that resembled a “burning bush.” Within a second, a glow as if from a match was lit inside the bush, which became brighter and brighter until it glowed like a light globe. Before I knew it, light was radiating out, across my body, up to the rafters above.

Totally bewildered, I sat on my stool in amazement. Then, suddenly, I felt a warm, stirring sensation at the base of my spine. It rose gently up my spine, igniting each chakra. It tickled in a way I could only describe as “orgasmic.” When it reached the top of my head, the energy burst out in a fountain form, continually flowing from the base as I sat.

Next, I felt myself slowly rise from the stool and I was placed gently on my back on the concrete floor behind. With tears of overwhelming gratitude, in my mind I could only say “Thank you, thank you” over and over. In doing so, a soundless voice within my mind bestowed all of Life upon me — past, present and future all became one. All the books in the world could not contain the message I received in that timeless instant. It also clearly showed my role in the process. After seeing the “big picture” it was then removed from my conscious mind and replaced with what seemed a million pieces of the puzzle, for me to put back together over time.

The golden white light then faded as I sat up, fully inspired. It took a further 12 years to totally come to terms with this experience, and then it was a 20-year process before the last piece was back in my mind. When I suicided in 1996, spending 3 hours in Spirit with my body clinically dead, the big picture became clear once again. That event is another story!

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