Sacred Aum Mandala

Sacred Aum Mandala_6869491906_l

2006 Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm

Supreme Award Winner: Bay Art 2006

“Aum” (or “Om”) is the Pure Creative Consciousness. It is sacred sound and symbolic of inclusive spirituality.

“Aum” is the Source, the basis of all Sound, from which all that IS unfolds.

Using this universal symbol, I allowed the vibrations to freely develop, through approximately 100 layers of airbrush, into this radiant healing image. Meditating on its many facets facilitates inner peace and harmony.

Constructing a mandala allows us to make the invisible visible. Contemplating it, you can feel the intangible vibrations illuminating the essential Nature of our Being and mirroring it back to our rational minds and brains.

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