Peace to the World

Peace to the World_7018837363_l


Watercolour 54 x 58 cm

This Peace Rose near the rear enterance drew my attention one morning with its fresh dew drops sparkling in the sun. It was offering out Peace to the World. By painting it and placing it here on the website it continues to offer its Peace. The three small buds in the painting unfolded to be great offerings of Peace of Mind to my farm neighbours across the road when I gave them to the three sisters at the death bed of their brother in hospital.

Here was Nigel (much my age)after saying his goodbyes to his sisters just before I arrived, was lying asleep semi unconscious. I mentioned to the girls that I had died for a few hours 12 years ago and that Nigel will continue to live and grow. They wanted to know more. So for the next hour with a Peace Rose in each of their hands I explained knowing Nigel was deeply listening in his sleep. I left with the women gratefully at Peace with Nigel now. Later in the afternoon Lethea came and played Harp then an hour or so after Nigel left his body and moved on happily. Blessed BE!

Peace be with US! Peace is in US!

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