Nourishing Beauty



Garden map 07_7896614024_lBeing so creative in the garden I established Nourishing Beauty to supplement and complement  my visual arts  a healthy balance.

Nourishing Beauty: not only do you need it, you deserve it. We at NgAngArt will collaborate with you to design an Artful & Edible Landscape especially for you, which can include garden art and other features listed below.

NgAnga will work closely with you to design and construct a special landscape plan for your property, to bring your dream landscape into manifestation. A professional team of artisans and tradespeople will be subcontracted as needed to meet your every need.

In designing a unique landscape plan for your property, we’ll co-create beautiful, comfortable spaces you’ll enjoy, where you’ll be proud to entertain and share with family and friends – with the added bonus of providing fresh, healthy, nourishing fruits and other produce along with colourful, scented flowers, shrubs and trees.

At NgAngArt we offer a full package of Artistic Landscape features. These include:

trees, shrubs, grasses, fruits, and vegetables
garden beds, orchards and lawns
steps, pathways, and seating
bridges and retaining walls
decking and paving
BBQ’s, patios,and gazebos
outdoor furnishings
stone masonry, murals, and mosaic work
Garden art and sculptures
ponds, fountains, and waterfalls
lighting features

We specialise in creating unique garden environments, such as Zen, Japanese, or any other special themes you choose.

Below are some examples

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To offer you further inspiration and ideas for your property, I have shown here a few Artistic Landscape features from the internet. They show what can be done. May these help ignite your own creative imagination, to see new possibilities.

What we design together will be unique and specific to your property, budget, needs, and desires.



The starkness of a modern sculptural form within a contemporary landscape can be breathtaking. Consequently, choice of garden artworks, placement, and balance in your outdoor setting is of utmost importance, when using sculpture to emphasise and dramatise your landscape’s best focal points. As the silhouette of a garden changes with seasonal light angles and carefully-installed night lighting, sculptures can take centre stage.

Well-chosen and artfully placed garden sculptures not only compliment a garden; they transform it. A captivating sculpture can inspire curiousity and provoke thought. It can be playful and energetic, stark or sensual, or meditative and restful.

Art in the garden is pure food for the Soul.

Here’s to a healthy and happy space to relax, share and inspire.