Meeting Yourself on the Horizon 1 (oil)

Meeting Yourself on the Horizon 1 (oil)_7016267475_l


oil on canvas 90 x 30 cm

This painting was inspired to me from my dear sister friend Juju, as I walked along our local beach at low tide half meditating while watching my shadow role over the sand. Thinking of how our Souls are all connected in Oneness and we are all connected to our Souls even if we are unaware.

I have used our shadow as the bridge to connect our personality, this reality to our Spirit. By having it stretch out over the ups and downs in life and meet, connect in Oneness on the horizon. In doing so the horizon line disappears where the heavens and Earth are also One. Have a bright and Happy day.

This painting took me on a unexplainable journey inbetween worlds to the void and ??? Many layers were applied giving it a very airy feel, nothing is in solid form, a metallic wash was added to bring about the feel of Spirit from the Light. I later did this image/concept again using pastels and airbrush; that was challenging to gain layers and depth, but it worked! Blessed BE!

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