Living in Oneness

Living in Oneness_7025259579_l


Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 cm

Available price $440

This painting was inspired by a simple logo I designed 10 years ago for a political party I formed in Australia: United Society (US).

The 3 women form a triangle, as do the 3 men, all together creating a 6-pointed star uniting Heaven and Earth. Each individual is uniquely coloured; each opposite female-male pair wear complementary colours; all together combine in the rainbow spectrum of all humanity.

Also in this mandala, the 6-pointed star surrounds the love and peace sign at the core of the world. The shining people and smiling faces radiate the joy of sharing as they dance to the rhythms of Love in Balance and Harmony. While today’s world may be far from this ideal, the image reminds us of the joy we can all look forward to, once humanity recognises our essential Oneness which encompasses all our beautiful diversity.

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