Kundalini Kiss of Oneness

Kundalini Kiss of Oneness_6869604320_l



Acrylic on canvas 76 x 102 cm

This work adapts the Aboriginal dot painting technique of my native Australia. Created in honour of the 30th anniversary of my own life-changing Kundalini Experience, it symbolically depicts the union of Heaven and Earth, as it shows the Rainbow Serpent emerging from the Light of the eternal Dreamtime, spiraling through the seven cycles/chakras of its Earthly journey, and rising at last to unite with the sacred White Eagle of Spirit (by which it is eternally encircled) in an ecstatic Kiss of Oneness. Here the higher and lower self unite and ignite.

I was born the year of the snake destined to become a white eagle. Can’t be more grounded than a snake or higher than an eagle and you meet all in-between.

On complete our cycles like a snake who kisses its tail shreds its skin then steps up to begin a new cycle of growth and learning. Some of us ignore the cycle and stay on the tread mill repeating the same misfortunes and mistakes.

Iridescent, pearlescent, were used along with airbrush finishing touches.

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  1. chanel says:

    Hi nganga. It was good to have briefly met u yeterday at your indigenous art ehibition. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories. Do u have a direct email or ph number I can contact you on?

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