Heart of Golden Bay

Heart og Golden Bay


Available price $550

With the traditional aboriginal dot paintings they tell a story from looking from above over the land, from Spirit you may say. This is a true representation of Golden Bay where I have lived since 2003. with its 35km Farewell Spit. I used the google map topography to draft the shape that include the NZ Kiwi.

But more importantly the bay forms the Heart of Golden Bay. The Bay perfectly comes under the Golden Phi Ratio as shown in the painting and for further information my friend Grayham Forscutt explains here http://goldenbaynaturalstargate.blogspot.co.nz/

This is one of six metallic dot painting I have just completed for the IndiGeniUS – WORLD INDIGENOUS PEOPLES ART exhibition 17-18 October in Golden Bay High School Hall. All locals are invited to participate and come view.

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  1. Sebastian du Feu says:

    Wow.. You have accomplished a-lot since I last saw you! Many blessings

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