HealThy Self



Mixed acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm

The HealThy Self is the Divine Self. of which we are all partly/wholly of. If one can not initially see or feel your Divinity then look towards Heal Thy Self.

The HeaThy Self is neither and both female and male having both energies. I have adopted the Australian aboriginal dot painting technique to illustrate the pure energy flow taking us out of the solid fixed three dimensional element to the time& space-lessness of the first dimension and consciousness to connect to Soul. In its medative pose showing the Divine light entering from above through the Chakras passing through the upper and lower Heart Chakras to iminate the healing energies out through the head and hands. It ignite the base red Chakra into a Kundalini Awakening.

The body is painted in metallic gold, copper-bronze and silver. immediately surround it using fluro white represents the Ka body followed by the etheric body using iridescent rainbow colours over pearlescent and also holograhic paints. The thirteen chahras are painted in dot fluro with airbrush over for the Spirit element and give movement, The surrounding colours show the aura.

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