Goanna Protection


2014 acrylic metallic on canvas 22 x 30 cm

Available price $450

To complete my series  for IndiGeniUS  I drew on the energies from the twin Gold & Silver Rays of Creation in the form of goanna’s. Symbolically here we have a campsite – or a town, city, country or the world. Our own family home and even just ourselves.

The Silver goanna is predominantly of female energies and the Gold is predominantly of male energies . These twin totally mirror one another in reverse as shown, the two encircle the centre core  and vibrate combined frequencies out as they constantly move around giving the centre complete protection. This protection say for your home could be against the elements, thieves, anything you set even against yourself and wrong doings.

All you really need to do is connect mentally to the Gold & Silver Goanna’s  activating them to move around releasing any fears and insecurities and all is protected.


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