Grand Canyon

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  1. Norman says:

    Hi Nganga
    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you recently in your new studio. I so appreciated your time openness and energy, and could happily have spent the day chatting. I was however conscious that there were clients wandering in and out, and my friend Wendy being unengaged in our conversation was keen to get on with the day’s travels.
    Anyway we have a lot of unfinished discussions to be had, and i will be back this year. I feel you have a huge amount to teach me, and the world at large. Commercialisation has become all-pervasive to the extent we’ve lost sight of the real truths, and real important things in life. your life symbolises the way we could live, in harmony with the universe!
    I may be back as soon as next month, but regardless let’s stay in touch. please add me to your mailing list also.
    Norman Pater

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